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                The works of Kathryn Anderson
Poetic Thoughts to Hasten The Cure
by Kathryn Anderson
Katy Anderson asks in Castles to "let someone move you beyond breath." Reading these poems, one enters into intimate conversations with an invitation to linger, because, as she insists in Elevation, "it matters that you are present." These poems uplift, inspire and seek to impart strength. When Anderson writes you will not sink, readers will feel compelled to believe.

-Philip Heldrich,

At the end of a long day, you'd like to find yourself sitting across the table from Kathryn Anderson. Her wise words give permission to explore, wonder, celebrate, grieve, and try to understand the quirks life offers. Kathryn is a master at endings. Her poems meander effortlessly, "Strip down your spirit / the morning will dry you in her refreshing robes."  
I promise you will relish your time reading Spiritus.

 -Laurie Barnoski, Author, Artist, Educator

by Kathryn Anderson

From Spiritus


This is not the time to winter-over, hunker down

it is not the chill from the sill that summons up

what lies sleeping inside you

but the snow-cap is waiting to expose

the secrets eating at you in your silence.

This is not the time to dream away or sit and

sort meaningless messes stacked high within

the walls of your dusty trunks,

prevailing winds will blow your tidied mountains

of suffrage and homage.

This is the very instant in which you feel too weak

and preoccupied to lunge deep and swing high.

Be destined for the productivity of

your contribution to things taking place

without you.

because it matters that you are present

and like the mountains, you are not exempt from

standing simply because you feel wind-whipped.

Someone needs your elevation.

**All proceeds from Spiritus go to cancer research.

From Acquiesce


 In slight retreat of your fingers

I lie quaking beneath the gap

Of your emotion and my own senses

Still not understanding

Beside your glance now overridden

With deep kisses I cannot find your hand

Resting tightly against my back

I can see the mood as it changes

Falling into and away from me

You dishevel more than my hair at midnight

And morning snow on the tin roof

Cracks louder than ice in March

And I watch the shape of your heart fold

Into the paper crane I do not know how to make

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