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                The works of Kathryn Anderson
Kathryn Anderson
Artist, Poet and Writer


Artist's Statment

I write to make sense of the world. I paint to make sense of the ways I see things. These
processes are highly personal and I have a deep connection to each piece of writing, each act of art.

I paint in both watercolor and acrylic. I have sold a few original watercolors, I now keep my originals and sell either digital or Giclee prints of them. I do, however, sell only original canvas paintings because reproductions of them do not do justice to the textures and colors…I want you to experience the entire piece—touch it, see it and let it speak to you.

I earned my Masters of Interdisciplinary Arts and Sciences at the University of Washington
in 2010. I fell in love with the idea of bridging the arts and sciences through Ecocriticism and various other avenues. The world is such a complicated and intermingled web, I cannot wrap my head around the specializations of one field of knowledge and believe any good can come of it without additional knowledge added from other fields. When I am not painting or writing or taking photos, I am generally teaching writing workshops under the umbrella of creative nonfiction….memoir, poetry, personal essay, writing about art and nature writing.

Overall, I encourage and practice deep retreat. I must be engaged and fully present in the
world, but I must also step aside occasionally to try to tackle new knowledge, to reflect, and rejuvenate. This is what art and writing allow. Here, in this space, I know myself, see my catalysts, deconstruct what feels unnatural. This is where I breathe and move from the core of my being and celebrate all life.

Kathryn Anderson
Olympia, WA